Concrete Cement Roofing Tiles

Concrete Cement Roofing Tiles

What is a concrete tile ?

Concrete tiles consist of : Sand (~70%)
Cementitious component (~20%) 
Water (~9% ) 
Pigment (~1%) 
other minor additives.

The main constituents are pre-processed before they enter the factory and are therefore significantly higher in cost than clay raw materials.

Strength is developed by a chemical reaction between the cement component and water. Strength continues to increase for several years.

Process Routes

The main manufacturing methods for concrete tiles in are

• Extrusion
• Wet pressing
• Hand made Other techniques include
• Core moulding Casting
• Vibration mouldin

The Process

Normally tiles are produced using Pressing Technology or Extrusion.

• Extrusion is a simple technique by which, the wet mix of sand and cement is extruded through an orifice in the shape of the tile and the under side is formed by the pallets.
• The roller and slipper gives the shape of top surface. The Tiles produced with this technology can not have any projection on the top surface like clay tiles.
• Variety of profiles for diverse living spaces and distinct regional needs Wide range of colours and shapes.

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