Roofing Sheets ( Onduline )

Roofing Sheets ( Onduline )

General Characteristics

Onduline sheets are manufactured by impregnating organic cellulose fibres with bitumen under high temperature and pressure. The sheets are pre pigmented with special purpose resins. The impregnation of colour into the sheets is done using patented techniques that enable the sheets to retain their colour over a longer period of time even under harsh conditions. The patented manufacturing process ensures uniform bitumen penetration into the sheets providing an excellent dimensional stability to the product and thereby preventing delamination.

Onduline sheets offer the following benefits :

• Excellent waterproofing characteristics
• Can be used in extreme climatic conditions
• High insulation and sound absorbency values
• Resistant to corrosion-does not rust, rot or become brittle
• Light weight- 6.4kg per sheet of 1.9m2 area
• Can withstand wind speeds up to 192km/hr.
• Does not break during transportation and installation
• Available in a range of environmentally sensitive colours.}
• Excellent colour retention
• Requires minimum maintenance
• Contains no hazardous chemical

Applications of Onduline Roofing Sheets :

• Bungalows
• Pharmhouse
• Second Home
• Resorts
• Hotels
• Club Houses
• Building Facia

Roof traffic

Only walk on the roof if,this is necessary. To distribute the loads, planks or ladder should be laid flat and by the roof purlins to carry out maintenance and related work. All precautions should be taken and safety regulations must be observed and applied.

Roof maintenance
Maintenance of the roof is the responsibility of the owner. To ensure long life we recommend that the following maintenance procedures are carried out.

• Remove moss and debris. Do not allow leaf debris to build up on the surface of the corrugated roofing sheets, the debris will form leaf mould which can soften the material and reduce the effective life of the product.
• Check that branches are not in contact with the roof surface as wind generated movement can result in mechanical damage to the surface of the sheets.
• Clean all rainwater gutters, down-pipes and gullies regularly ensuring efficient water run-offfrom the roof.
• Maintain a good state of roof elements such as flashing, chimney stacks, etc.
• Maintain a good state of the roof and its ventilation.


ONDULINE is delivered io site on pallets of 150 to 420 sheets (depending on means oftransport and sheet specification) shrink wrapped. lt is not recommended to stack pallets. Sheets must be stored flat and covered at all times to protect against weather and dtlst. ln^hot climates ONDULINE must be protected from direct sunlight.

ONDULINE may be stored in freezing temperatures but installation should not be attempted in these conditions. ONDULINE should be lifted from the pallet, not dragged across it. The material should then be handled using conventional techniques for corrugated sheeting.

ONDULINE provide a comprehensive technical advice service for all applications of ONDULINE system. please always refer to our specific technical guides for complete installation details.

ln the event of sheets having to be removed from a roof or side wall, the nails are extracted with an ordinary claw hammer levered against a piece of wood shaped to the corrugation. ONDULINE sheets thus recovered may be used again - an important economical aspect.

When using ONDULINE in co.nditions of high internal humidity,it is important to use a vapour barrier and adequate ventilation on the roof space.

The color impregnation is long lasting, but weathering effects cannot be entirely discounted and will affect ONDULINE in the same way as they affect natural material roofs. The ONDULINE group assumes no responsibility for the effect of structural movement. Details are correct at the time of printing, but the manufacturers reserve the right to vary specifications and details at any time without notice. To avoid any possible misunderstandings, we require that a customer seeking advice on suitability or performance of goods or relating to the nature of services supplied should put such requirements to us in writing. Goods are not tested or sold as fit for any particular purpose unless,so agreed in writing. There might be slight variations in size, weight and color.

The photographs and drawings in this brochure are of installations in many parts of the world; building practices shown may not therefore comply with the recommended safety standards in other countries.

Applications of Onduline Roofing Sheets
Othar Applications
Renovation and Repair

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