"PALRAM" Corrugated PVC Sheet

PALRUF corrugated PVC sheet is an all-round durable roofing solution, combining excellent resistance to chemicals, fire and impact. PALRUF endures harsh chemical environments where other roofing materials will quickly become corrode, making it ideal for roofing, siding and cladding applications in industry, agriculture and construction. PALRUF is available in a variety of clear and opaque colors and many profiles. It can be easily installed in DIY applications around the house using ordinary tools.

Benefits -

• Excellent Chemical Resistance
PALRUF withstands a wide variety of chemicals,
making it ideal for long term applications in chemically aggressive environments.
• UV and Weather Resistant
Offering long service periods in cold or hot climates.
• Flexibility
Suitable for curved roofing.
• Non-Corrosive
PALRUF is ideal for seaside projects, mines, livestock farms and similar areas.
• Minimum Maintenance
Freedom from high maintenance and frequent roofing replacement.
• High Impact Strength
Excellent resistance to hail, wind and snow loads.
• Fire Resistance
PALRUF is self-extinguishes and meets the highest
flammability standards in the field.

Typical Applications of PALRUF PVC Sheets :

• Coastal plants and warehouses
• Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
• Mines and metal processing facilities
• Livestock structures
• Food manufacturing and storage
• Residential carports and pergolas

Roofing and Cladding Applications in Chemically Agressive Environments

PALRUF prevails where alternative materials fail. It provides a long term solution for roofing and cladding in industrial environments and reduces overall maintenance work and expenditure.

• Chemical processing plants
• Pulp and paper production
• Pharmaceutical Plants
• Oil refineries
• Fertilizer plants
• Power stations
• Steel mills
• Mines
• Ports
• Metal refining & processing
• Conveyor roofi